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Tiancheng high-tech group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Tiancheng Hi-Tech Group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

The company is located in Shenzhen, one of the top ten young cities in the world. It is a company specializing in the research and development of high-quality LED, SMD lamp beads, SMD LED lamp beads, automotive LED lamp beads, and high-power LED lamp beads. A national high-tech enterprise integrating production and sales,

  • It has an independent LED packaging laboratory and a 100,000-level clean digital MES intelligent workshop.
  • More than 100 LED packaging patent technologies, the core R&D team has more than 20 years of LED lamp bead packaging technology background.
  • The company has passed ISO9001-2015 quality system, US Energy Star LM-80, EU EN62471, SGS, MSL-2Aa, RoHS and other certifications.
  • The company has introduced hard-core high-precision production equipment such as ASM from Singapore and KAIJO-E18 from Japan, and has reached strategic partnerships with well-known chip manufacturers such as Cree in the United States, Epistar in Taiwan, and Sanan in Xiamen.

The company's core team has nearly 20 years of packaging professional technical background, Front-line backbones from well-known optical research institutes in China, with world-leading high-quality automatic production equipment and independent laboratoriThe company's core tes

Army - yes! Guaranteed to complete the task

Tiancheng core culture: army

Tiancheng is the number of our troops,

Team honor is supreme,

Work is what we do with our lives.

School - everything makes way for learning

Tiancheng core culture: school

Tiancheng is a school,

Every [him] is our teacher,

We have a unique cognition: University has no boundaries.

Family - your business is mine

Tiancheng core culture: family

Tiancheng is a warm family,

The company, customers and suppliers are our family,

The family grows, shares and develops together.

core advantages

core advantages

1. Professional scientific research team

Ten years of deep cultivation in the industry, quality building brand

Built-in IC integrated circuit Independent research and development of TX1812/TX1813/TX1816/TX1818 and other driver chips, high-power led lamp bead voltage is stable

  • Ten years of focus on the production of SMD LED lamp beads, with an independent LED packaging laboratory
  • There are nearly 20 R&D technical teams, and the main researchers have 20 years of LED packaging technology background
  • Cooperate closely with Shantou University, South China University of Technology and other universities to achieve a number of technical achievements
  • Has more than 30 independent packaging technology patents, and has passed the national intellectual property management system certification
  • According to customer application needs, we will actively respond to provide solutions within 24 hours

R & D team

  • 独立封装研发实验室

  • 高效科研流动工作站

  • 高精度光谱检测仪器

  • 知识产权贯标管理证书

2. The monthly stable output is 1500KK

Self-owned park 50,000 square meters

  • Fully automated production process management, digital MES intelligent workshop
  • Has a group of professional, sincere, united, rigorous and pragmatic management team
  • Introduced hard-core high-precision production equipment such as ASM from Singapore and KAIJO-E18 from Japan
  • The monthly stable output is 1500kk, which is fast and timely to meet the needs of mass production

R & D team

  • 独立封装研发实验室

  • 高效科研流动工作站

  • 高精度光谱检测仪器

  • 知识产权贯标管理证书

3. Excellent partners

Epistar strategic partner

  • American Cree, Taiwan Epistar, Xiamen Sanan and other brands of chip packaging
  • Independent research and development of five anti-brand upgrade new formula moisture-proof PPA material
  • Using Au99.99 pure gold wire, excellent high temperature resistance and tensile properties
  • Obtained the patent authorization of light-emitting chip, worry-free global export
  • Independent built-in control IC driver chip, matching high-demand application requirements

R & D team

  • 台湾晶元芯片

  • 99.99%AU纯金线

  • C194红铜支架

  • TX1818自主研发芯片


service project process

1、contact us

Through website customer service, or telephone contact, we know your specific product applications and needs

2、communication plan

Provide the best solution according to your product, provide a variety of options for reference, and can choose customized requirements

3、Confirm needs

After the communication between the two parties is correct, verify and confirm, sign a contract, reach a cooperation, and become a member of the Tiancheng family

4、custom order

According to your demand period and reasonable arrangement of the factory, the delivery time can be delivered within 3-7 days according to the size of the order

5、order delivery

After the production is completed, the truck will be arranged and delivered to the designated location. There are cooperative sites for international logistics.

6、No worries after sale

Tiancheng's customers can enjoy 7*24 hours, the fastest question answering, and processing, to solve your worries


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