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5MMLED red light light beads What is the working current of 5mmLED light beads

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At present, many friends are interested in how much 5 MM red light beads 5mmLED beads working current, so today in some and 5 MM red light beads how much 5mmLED beads how much related information to share with you, I hope to help you oh.

In the modern society, the LED lamp beads have become an indispensable part of our life.5MMLED red light light bead is one of LED light beads, so what is its working current? This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of 5MMLED red light beads in detail.

LED lamp bead brief introduction

LED lamp bead is a kind of photoelectric device made of semiconductor materials, which has the advantages of low power consumption, high efficiency and long life, so it is widely used in lighting, display, signal, communication and other fields. LED lamp beads are mainly composed of chips, packaging materials, leads, etc.


The chip is the core part of the LED lamp beads, which is made of semiconductor materials such as GaN and InGaN. In the chip, photons are produced by the combination of electrons and holes to emit light.

The packaging material is the shell that protects the chip, but it also changes the color and Angle of the light. The lead is a bridge between the chip and the packaging material.

5 Features of MM LED red light beads

5 MLED red light bead is a commonly used LED bead with size of diameter of 5mm and height of 4mm. It is characterized by high brightness, low power consumption, long life and other advantages. In applications, it is mainly used for indicator lights, lighting, display and so on.

5 The luminous principle of MM LED red light light beads is the same as that of ordinary LED light beads, that is, through the composite reaction of electrons and holes of semiconductor material. Its red color is emitted by the InGaN material.

5 Operating current of 5MMLED red light beads

The operating current of 5MMLED red light beads is generally about 20 mA. This is because at this current, LED beads can achieve optimal brightness and lifetime. If the current is too large, it will not only make the LED lamp bead heat too much, resulting in a shortened life, but also cause brightness reduction and color distortion and other problems.

At the same time, the working voltage of 5MMLED red light beads is generally about 1.8V. This is also determined by the properties of its internal semiconductor materials.

5 Notes for the use of MM LED red light beads

When using 5 MM red light beads, note the following points:

1. Protect the lead: the lead of LED beads is very thin and easy to break, so we should pay attention to protect the lead to avoid pulling.

2. Control the current: the brightness and life of LED lamp beads are closely related to the current, so it is necessary to control the current when using, to avoid the current being too large or too small.

3. Prevent static electricity: LED beads are very sensitive to static electricity, so it is necessary to pay attention to prevent static electricity when using, to avoid damage to the LED beads.

Application of 5MMLED red light beads

5 MM red light bead has a wide range of applications in life, mainly including the following aspects:

1. Indicator lights: 5MMLED red light beads are often used as indicator lights in electronic devices, such as TV sets, computers, mobile phones, etc.

2. Lighting: 5 MM red light beads can be combined with the circuit board to form lamps, as a low power consumption, environmentally friendly lighting mode.

3. Display screen: 5MMLED red light lamp beads can constitute the LED display screen, which is widely used in information release, advertising and other fields.

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5MMLED red light light bead is a commonly used LED light bead, which has the advantages of high brightness, low power consumption and long life. Its working current is generally about 20 mA, and the working voltage is about 1.8V. In use, we should pay attention to protect the lead, control the current, avoid static electricity and other problems.5MMLED red light beads have a wide range of applications, mainly including indicator light, lighting, display screen and so on.