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Li Hao Rui: From 15-Year-Old Dropout to LED Industry Leader

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Li Hao Rui, CEO of Tiancheng High-tech (Shenzhen) Group Co., Ltd.: He started his business at the age of 15 and became the leader of the industry through diligence

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Li Hao Rui, born in Puning, Guangdong Province, China in the 1990s, is the founder and CEO of Tiancheng High-tech (Shenzhen) Group Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of LED packaging devices in China.

Li Hao Rui's parents were engaged in the wholesale and retail of daily necessities in the 1980s. They wanted him to go to school and inherit the family business. However, Li Hao Rui was not interested in his parents' plan. In 2006, when he was only 15 years old, he left home and came to Shenzhen to pursue his dreams.

In the early days of his career in Shenzhen, Li Hao Rui worked odd jobs to make ends meet. He worked in electronics factories, printing factories, and textile factories. He also tried his hand at street vending and e-commerce.


In 2009, Li Hao Rui's father asked him to return home and take over the family business. Li Hao Rui agreed, but after a year of working with his father, he found that he could not adapt to his father's strict discipline. He left home again and went to Shenzhen to pursue his dreams.

In Shenzhen, Li Hao Rui worked for a LED dot matrix digital company. He was promoted to assistant to the general manager and learned a lot about running a business. In 2011, he left the company and co-founded Shenzhen Tiancheng Lighting Co., Ltd. with a friend.


The two young entrepreneurs worked hard and built their company from the ground up. They focused on research and development and market expansion. In 2013, they invested in a factory to produce their own products.

Under the leadership of Li Hao Rui and his team, Tiancheng Lighting has grown rapidly. The company now has a professional technology team, over 90 patents for packaging technology, a 100,000-class clean MES digital intelligent workshop, and global advanced fully automatic production equipment. It has also established strategic partnerships with many well-known brands around the world.

The company's products include integrated LED devices with built-in ICs, ambient lighting, landscape lighting, and medical lighting. They have passed a number of international certifications, including the U.S. Energy Star LM-80, the European Union EN62471, and RoHS.

In addition to its core business, Tiancheng Lighting is also committed to the advancement of LED technology and social welfare. The company is committed to becoming a leading semiconductor brand with social responsibility.

Li Hao Rui himself has also been working hard to improve himself. He holds bachelor's degrees in business administration from Beijing Normal University and electronic information from Beijing Foreign Studies University. He is also a graduate of the Advanced Business Administration program at Tsinghua University Shenzhen Research Institute.

Li Hao Rui believes that the business world is full of competition. He is always looking for ways to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.