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5v Use the lamp beads, measure the lamp beads

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In the field of electronic design, lamp bead is one of the indispensable components. There are often some problems in the use of lamp beads, for example, we don't know what lamp beads are used for 5V and what gears are used for lamp beads. These questions may be confusing and confusing for beginners. This article will focus on this theme, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

What is a lamp bead?

Lamp beads refer to light emitting diodes (LED). The principle is to inject impurities into semiconductor materials to form PN junctions. If the electrons and holes in the PN junction recombine, energy will be released and light will be produced. Lamp beads have been widely used in electronic products because of their low power consumption, long life and high brightness.

Beads can be divided into red, green, blue and other colors according to color, and can be divided into 0603, 0805, 1206 and other specifications according to size. Using different colors and specifications of lamp beads will produce different effects.

What beads do 5V use? 


When using lamp beads, we need to consider their working voltage. For 5V power supply, the commonly used lamp beads are as follows:

1.5 mm Red LED

5mm red LED is commonly used beaded, its forward working voltage is 2V-2.2 V, reverse voltage is 5V, suitable for 5V power supply. This kind of lamp bead has the advantages of high brightness and low power consumption, and is often used in indicator lights and digital indicator lights.

2.5 mm Green LED

The working voltage of 5mm green LED is 3.2 V-3. 4V forward voltage and 5V reverse voltage, and it can also work under 5V power supply. This kind of lamp bead has high brightness and good durability, and is often used for backlight and indicator light.

3. SMD 5050 RGB LED

The SMD 5050 RGB LED is a triple color bead with a forward voltage of 2V-2.2 V and a reverse voltage of 5V, which is also suitable for 5V power supply. This kind of lamp bead has the characteristics of high brightness and colorful, and is often used in lamp belts and colorful lights.

What gear is used for the side lamppost?

When using the lamp bead, we need to test it to make sure it works properly. Multiplex meter is needed when testing lamp beads, but different lamp beads have different test positions.

1. Red, orange and yellow LED measurement

Red, orange and yellow LEDs have low forward voltage, usually below 2V, so they should be tested by selecting DC voltage range in Multimate. To avoid choosing a gear that is too small to test, choose a gear slightly larger than the positive voltage of the lamp bead.

2. Calibration of green and blue LED

Green, blue LED forward voltage is high, generally above 3V, should be on the multi-meter selection 3V gear test. If the multimeter does not have a 3V gear, you can choose a higher gear for testing.

3. White LED measurement

White LED generally needs to work at a voltage above 3V, so it is necessary to choose a higher gear on multiple instruments for testing. In addition, because the white LED is a mixture of blue or purple LED and yellow phosphor, the forward voltage is different, so the position should be selected according to the specific situation during the test.

How to choose lamp beads?

When selecting lamp beads, the following points should be considered:

1. Operating voltage

According to the voltage of the power supply, choose the appropriate marbles to ensure their normal work.

Step 2 Brightness

Because the brightness of each lamp bead is different, the appropriate brightness can be selected according to specific needs.

Step 3 Color

Choose different colors of lamp beads according to needs to achieve different effects.

4. Specifications

According to the specific application, choose the appropriate specifications to meet the design needs.

How to use the lamp bead?

When using lamp beads, it should be noted that:

1. Connect correctly

Connect the lamp bead to the circuit board correctly, and make sure that the positive and negative poles are connected correctly.

3. Depress your blood pressure properly

If the power supply voltage is high, a suitable step-down circuit should be used to reduce the voltage within the normal operating range of the lamp bead.

3. Reasonable heat dissipation

The lamp bead will generate heat when it works, so it is necessary to design a reasonable heat dissipation system to ensure normal work.

The above is the detailed introduction of "What lamp is used for 5v and what gear is used for main side lamp" brought by editor. What do you think? For details, please see the relevant suggestions below. The following is a summary of this article.

This paper focuses on the theme of what marbles to use in 5V and what marbles to use, and introduces the principle, types, testing methods and matters needing attention in use of marbles. When selecting and using lamp beads, many factors need to be considered to ensure that they meet the design requirements and work properly. I hope this article is helpful to everyone.