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7030 lamp beads how to weld 7030 lamp bead welding tips

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Now many friends are very concerned about how to weld 7030 beads and how to weld 7030 beads. Then Chen Xing Xiaobian will share the information on how to weld 7030 beads and how to weld 7030 beads today, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, LED lamp beads have become the mainstream products in modern lighting industry. The manufacture of LED lamp beads can not be separated from welding technology. This article will focus on 7030 lamp bead welding skills in detail, and introduce how to weld 7030 lamp bead and how to ensure the welding quality.

Characteristics of 7030 lamp beads 7030

Lamp bead is a kind of LED lamp bead with a size of 7mm × 3mm, hence the name 7030 lamp. Compared with other LED lamp beads, 7030 lamp beads are smaller in size, better in luminous effect, higher in brightness, lower in power consumption and longer in service life. Because of these advantages, 7030 lamp beads have been widely used. However, the welding of 7030 lamp still faces some difficulties.


First of all, the 7030 lamp bead is small in size and requires higher welding technology. Secondly, the pins of 7030 beads are also very small, and improper welding can easily lead to pin fracture, which affects the performance of beads. Therefore, extra care should be taken when welding 7030 lamps.

Preparation before welding of 7030 lamp beads  

Before welding 7030 lamp beads, some preparatory work should be carried out to ensure welding quality. First, prepare welding tools. Commonly used welding tools are soldering iron, silk thread, solder paste, tweezers and so on. Secondly, ensure that the welding tools work normally. The soldering iron temperature should be controlled within an appropriate range to avoid burning the lamp beads.

In addition to preparing welding tools, the welding site should also be prepared. The welding site should be dry, ventilated and static-free. Static electricity has a great influence on beads, which will burn out beads, so it is necessary to pay attention to anti-static 。

Welding steps of 7030 lamp beads

Welding 7030 lamp beads should be carried out according to certain procedures to ensure welding quality. The following are the welding steps of 7030 lamp beads.

1. Place the lamp bead on the PCB board and clamp it with tweezers.

2. Wrap the silk on the pin, and heat and melt the silk with an electric soldering iron.

3. The melted silk will automatically cover the gap between the pins and PCB, forming solder joints.

4. After welding, clamp the lamp bead with tweezers and gently pull it out to ensure that the solder joint is firm.

How to ensure welding quality

In order to ensure the quality of welded 7030 lamp beads, the following matters should be paid attention to:

1. Control the welding temperature. If the welding temperature is too high, the beads will burn out, and if the welding temperature is too low, the solder joints will be unstable .

2. Control the welding time. Excessive welding time will lead to deformation of lamp beads and affect the luminous effect.

3. Control the welding position. The welding position should be accurate to avoid burning beads or breaking pins.

4. Check the welding quality. After welding, check whether the solder joint is firm and whether the lamp bead glows normally.

Common welding problems and their solutions

There are often problems in welding 7030 lamp beads. Here are common problems and solutions:

1. Solder joints are not firm. This may be caused by too low welding temperature or too short welding time. The solution is to increase the welding temperature or prolong the welding time.

2. The pin is broken. Incorrect welding position or strength may lead to this situation. The solution is to adjust the welding position or reduce the strength.  

Lamp beads don't shine. This phenomenon may be caused by damaged lamp beads or poor welding. The solution is to replace the lamp beads or re-weld them.

The above is "How to weld 7030 beads". What do you think of the welding skills of 7030 beads? For details, please see the relevant suggestions below. The following is a summary of this article.

7030 lamp bead welding is a high-level work, which needs to pay attention to many details. Mastering welding skills can ensure welding quality and improve product performance and service life. When welding 7030 lamp beads, pay attention to welding temperature, welding time, welding position and other factors to ensure welding quality. At the same time, pay attention to anti-static, check welding tools, etc., to reduce unnecessary losses.