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80 square room to install how many lamp beads 80 square room to install floor heating about how much money

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Now, many small partners want to enter the information of how many beads enter 80 square meters. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

In modern homes, lamps and heating are indispensable decorations and facilities. However, how many beads should be installed in an 80-square-meter house to meet the lighting needs? How much does it cost to warm the land? This article will explain it in detail for you.

Calculation of lighting equipment quantity

Calculate the number of lamps and lanterns in 80 square houses, depending on actual needs. General living room and bedroom need to install ceiling lamp or chandelier as the main light source, and also need some auxiliary lamps, such as wall lamp, desk lamp and floor lamp.


The demand for indoor lighting is relatively high, and it is generally necessary to install 2-4 ceiling lamps or chandeliers, as well as 2-4 auxiliary lamps. Bedroom lighting requirements are relatively low, generally only need to install 1-2 ceiling lamps or chandeliers and 1-2 auxiliary lighting fixtures.

Kitchen and bathroom should be equipped with moisture-proof and waterproof appliances. Generally, 2-3 ceiling lamps or chandeliers and 1-2 auxiliary lamps should be set up.

Generally speaking, a house of 80 square meters needs 15-20 sets of lighting equipment, and the specific number depends on actual needs and personal preferences.

Types and prices of lighting equipment

There are many kinds of lamps and lanterns, and their prices are different. Generally speaking, the price of ceiling lamps and chandeliers is relatively high, but the lighting effect is good, which is suitable for being used as the main light source. Wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps are relatively low in price and suitable for use as auxiliary lamps.

The price of angle absorption lamp and chandelier generally ranges from several hundred yuan to thousands of yuan, and the price of wall lamp, desk lamp and floor generally ranges from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan. The specific price should be determined according to brand, material and design style.

Heating installation fee

Heating is a comfortable, environment-friendly and energy-saving heating facility, but the installation cost is high. According to the different housing area and heating type, the installation cost will be different.

Generally speaking, the installation cost of floor heating includes floor heating pipe, floor heating pipe laying, floor heating control system and other expenses. Take an 80-square-meter house as an example, the heating installation cost is about 20,000 yuan.

Advantages and disadvantages of warmth

The advantages of floor heating are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Comfortable, no dryness, noise, dust, etc.;

Energy saving and environmental protection, low temperature radiation heating, energy saving compared with traditional heaters.

The cool space without radiator affects the interior decoration style.

The shortcomings of floor heating are mainly manifested in the following aspects:  

The installation cost is high, so the actual economic situation should be considered.

Maintenance and repair are troublesome and need regular cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise, it will affect the life span.

Temperature control is slow, which is not suitable for sudden cooling or warming climate.

Matters needing attention in heating use

When using heating, the following matters should be paid attention to:

The temperature of heating is generally controlled at 18-25 degrees. If it is too high, it will waste energy, while if it is too low, it will affect comfort.

Heating should not be mixed with other heating facilities, otherwise it will affect the effect and safety.

Heating pipes should not be scratched by sharp objects such as nails and steel bars. Otherwise, the service life will be affected.

The above is "how many beads should be put in 80 square meters and how much is the warm bottom of 80 square meters" explained by Xiaobian in detail. How is it? For details, please see the relevant suggestions below. The following is a summary of this article.

When decorating a house, lamps and heating should be determined according to actual needs and economic reality. The quantity and type of lamps and lanterns, price should be considered comprehensively, and the installation cost of heating and the matters needing attention in use should be understood and mastered. I hope this article is helpful to you.