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How many 80 beads w 100 beads are how many w

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At present, many friends are interested in 80 beads how much w 100 beads is how much w, so Tiancheng Xiaobian today in some and 80 beads how many w 100 beads is how much w related information to share with you, I hope to help you oh.

In the lighting design of home decoration or commercial place, often involves the choice of lamp beads. Many people will have questions, how many w are 80 beads, how many w is 100 beads? This article will answer this question in detail from the type, power, brightness and other aspects of the lamp bead, to help you to better choose lamps and lanterns.

Lambead type and power

lamp beads are usually divided into LED lamp beads and ordinary lamp beads. The power of LED beads is generally lower, generally between 0.1-1w; while the power of ordinary beads is higher, generally between 10-150w. Therefore, when selecting the beads, it is necessary to determine the type of lamp used, and then select the corresponding type and power.


In addition, the power of the lamp beads is also related to the environment and demand used. For example, when you need to perform stage performance or lighting indoors, you need to choose high power beads to achieve higher brightness and lighting effect; while in ordinary home or office lighting, generally choose the lower power beads to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

Number of lamp beads and their brightness

The number of lamp beads is also an important factor affecting the brightness of the lamps. Generally speaking, the more the number of lamps and lanterns, the higher the brightness. However, the increase in the number of beads does not necessarily mean the increase in brightness, and factors such as the power and light efficiency of the beads need to be considered.

Take LED beads as an example, if the LED beads with a power of 1w are used, the brightness of 80 LED beads is about 80w ordinary beads, while the brightness of 100 LED beads is about 100w ordinary beads.

Type of lamps and number of lamp beads

Different types of lamps also have different requirements on the number and power of lamp beads. For example, the lamps such as chandelier, wall lamp and desk lamp usually use less lamp beads, the power is not too high, and the large area lighting equipment such as lamp belt needs to use a large number of lamp beads, the power is correspondingly higher.

Therefore, when choosing lamps, we should take into account the aspects of use place, demand and effect, and select the number of lamps and power of lamps comprehensively.

Light bead quality and longevity

In addition to quantity and power, the quality and life of the beads are also factors to be considered when choosing lamps. High quality lamp beads have better light effect and luminous effect, and longer service life.

When buying lamps, you can pay attention to check the lamp bead brand and manufacturers, choose well-known brands and high-quality products, to ensure the brightness and life of the lamps.

Energy efficiency and energy efficiency of lamps

Finally, to modern people, energy saving and environmental protection are also the factors that need to consider when choosing lamps and lanterns. On the premise of ensuring the brightness and effect of lamps, choosing lamps with high energy efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection can reduce the electricity cost of homes and commercial places, and also help to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution.

Therefore, when choosing lamps and lanterns, we can refer to the energy efficiency index and energy saving grade of lamps and lanterns, and choose the products that meet their own needs and environmental protection requirements.

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The number and power of beads are important factors in determining the brightness of lamps, and the number of beads and power requires different types of lamps. When choosing lamps and lanterns, we also need to consider the quality, life, energy efficiency and energy saving and other factors, comprehensive choice of suitable for their own products