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How to detect the parameters of 2730 magnetic beads

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Now many friends are very concerned about how to measure 5730 marbles. Then Chen Xing Xiaobian will share the relevant information about how to measure 5730 marbles today, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

Nowadays, with the wide application of LED lighting, the detection of LED lighting becomes very important. 5730 marbles are very common in LED, so it is important to learn how to detect 5730 marbles and their parameters. This paper introduces the method and parameters of detecting 5730 lamp beads in detail, which will help readers to better understand and use 5730 lamp beads.

First: Overview of 5730 lamp beads


5730 lamp is SMD LED lamp, which is usually used in the manufacture of LED lamp. Its size is 5.7 mm x 3.0 mm, hence the name 5730. 5730 beads have the characteristics of high brightness, high reliability and low power consumption, and are widely used in LED lamps. In addition, the 5730 lamp bead has many different characteristics:


High color restoration

High reliability

Long life

A wide range of applications

By understanding the characteristics of 5730 lamp bead, we can better understand its detection methods and parameters.

Second: the detection method of 5730 lamp beads

The detection methods of 5730 lamp beads can be divided into photoelectric parameter detection and electrical parameter detection. The detection of photoelectric parameters mainly includes brightness, color temperature, color coordinates, etc. The detection of electrical parameters mainly includes net current IF, net voltage VF, reverse current IR, reverse voltage VR, etc.

The detection of photoelectric parameters is mainly realized by photometer. Photometer can measure the brightness, color temperature, color coordinates and other parameters of LED lamp beads. When detecting 5730 marbles, we need to put the photometer directly above the LED marbles and measure the output value of the photometer.  

The detection of electrical parameters can be realized by using specific testing instruments. For example, we can use digital multi-meter to measure the forward current IF, forward voltage VF and other parameters of 5730 lamp bead. When measuring electrical parameters, we should pay attention to the following points:

Appropriate testing instruments must be used.

To know the range of electrical parameters of 5730 lamp beads.

Test instruments must be connected correctly.

Through accurate detection method, we can get accurate 5730 lamp bead parameters.

Third: 5730 lamp bead parameters.

The parameters of 5730 lamp bead include photoelectric parameters and electrical parameters.

Photoelectric parameters mainly include:

Brightness: A lumen unit representing the brightness of LED beads.

Color temperature: Indicates the color of LED beads, usually in K (Kelvin).

Color coordinates: Indicates the position of LED beads in CIE color space. Electrical parameters mainly include:

Forward current IF: in milliamperes (mA), represents the current through the LED bulb.

Positive Voltage VF: Volt (V) unit representing the positive voltage of LED bulb.

Reverse current IR: A microampere (μ A) unit representing the reverse current of LED beads.

Reverse Voltage VR: Volt (V) unit representing the reverse voltage of LED bulb.

By detecting and understanding the parameters of 5730 lamp bead, we can better understand and apply it.

Fourth: Application of 5730 lamp bead parameters

The parameters of 5730 lamp bead are very important in the design and application of LED lamp. By understanding the parameters of 5730 lamp bead, we can choose the appropriate driving circuit and radiator to ensure the performance and service life of LED lamp.

For example, if you need to design a bright LED lamp, you can choose a 5730 lamp with higher brightness and use a suitable driving circuit to provide enough current. In addition, appropriate radiators should be selected to prolong the service life of LED lamps.  

Therefore, understanding the parameters of 5730 beads is very important for the design and application of LED lighting.

Fifth: the future development of 5730 lamp beads.

With the wide application of LED lamps, 5730 lamps will continue to improve. In the future, 5730 lamp beads will have better development space in the following aspects:

Higher brightness and efficiency

Wider color range

Long life

Smaller in size

5730 lamp beads will provide more possibilities and opportunities for the application of LED lamps through continuous technological innovation and improvement.

The above is a detailed introduction of "How to measure 5730 lamp parameters with 5730 lamp beads". What do you think? For details, please see the relevant suggestions below. The following is a summary of this article.

This paper introduces in detail the overview, detection method, parameters, application and future development of 5730 lamp bead. By understanding and mastering the relevant knowledge of 5730 lamp beads, we can better design and apply LED lamps to meet different needs and application scenarios. In the future, with the progress of technology, 5730 lamp beads will play a greater role in the application of LED lamps.