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How to use led beads _ What to pay attention to when selecting led beads

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How to use the LED lamp beads? Stick on the lamp belt or stick on the circuit board, a small amount of paste can be manually placed in the device position, flipping iron welding, batch words and stick ordinary patch device welding, there are positive and negative electrode and color distinction attention

What should we pay attention to when choosing the led lamp beads

LED lights are more practical and convenient to use, and they are widely used. What should we pay attention to when choosing led lamp beads? PChouse Take you to understand it.

1. Look at brightness. The brightness of the general led lamp bead is different, its price is different, the greater the brightness of the price is more expensive, the greater the brightness, the better its decorative performance, in the purchase can let the led lamp bead bright for a while to see how its brightness.

2. Measure the antistatic ability. The led with strong antistatic ability has a long life, so the price is high, usually the led with more than 700V can be the real led, and it is not easy to burn out due to the unstable voltage.

3. Light wavelength. To see whether the consistency of the light wavelength of the led lamp bead reaches the standard, the wavelength of the led lamp bead is the same color, if the color is consistent, the price is high, so in the purchase of led lamp beads must let the business take out the LED spectral color separator for detection, to see whether the light wavelength is consistent.

4. Safety performance. Safety performance of the led lamp bead life directly is long, ordinary led lamp bead colloid generally epoxy resin, and the market with ultraviolet resistance and fire protection agent led lamp beads, the price is more expensive, but the led lamp bead using safety performance is generally higher, especially when installed in outdoor, can rest assured to use.



Although LED beads have strong adaptability and application life compared with incandescent bulb, in order to ensure the long-term normal operation of LED beads, we must pay attention to the standard operation in the application.

一. welding condition

1. Iron welding:

In the case of welding for welding, the general requirements are applicable to below 25W (the highest value is 30W, and the welding temperature is within 260℃. The welding time should not exceed 3 seconds.

2. Welding:

Welding requires top temperature 260 C, welding time not exceeding 5 seconds, welding position at least 2 mm from the colloid.(After welding, treat carefully when the temperature of LED beads drops to room temperature. Please do not use hard things or sharp things to wipe, wipe, push the LED light beads

二. Parts cleaning

After welding, follow the following steps.

1. Freon TF or alcohol or other similar solvent may be used as a cleaning solvent.

2. The cleaning temperature can be controlled for 30 seconds for up to 50℃ or 3 minutes can be controlled for up to 30℃, but the temperature is not high.

3. When selecting ultrasonic cleaning, the maximum output should not exceed 300W.

Note: When using chemicals to clean colloids, please note that trichloroethylene and acetone will cause damage to the appearance of colloids. It can be wiped with ethanol and soaked, but not for more than 3 minutes.

三. Device method

1. Pay attention to the outside line configuration to avoid polarity errors.

2. Do not approach the heating element.

3. The LED lamp beads are not installed when the pins are bending and deformed.

4. In the case of LED beads, the shaft sleeve is recommended.

5. When the welding temperature returns to normal, LED beads are careful not to cause disturbance or external force.

4. temperature characteristic

The epoxy resin part of SMDLED lamp beads exposed at high temperature is not rubbed, and may be wiped with other sharp and hard objects, but Epoxy is very weak and easy to break.

According to the temperature characteristics of LED beads, the temperature rises by 5 C and the beam drops by 3%. Regardless of the winter degree, LED beads must pay attention to the working temperature and storage temperature.

1. Is the minimum operating temperature of LED lamp bead LAMPS?25 C Maximum 85 C, minimum storage temperature? The 40 C is up to 100 C.

2. Is the minimum operating temperature of the LED lamp bead display?20 C maximum 70 C, minimum storage temperature?20 C had a maximum of 85 C.

3. The minimum operating temperature of outdoor LED beads-20℃ is 60℃, and the minimum storage temperature-20℃ is 70℃.

五. Voltage current

1. The allel application LED bead is not recommended. This is because, as long as the uniform flow circuit cannot be formed, it cannot be guaranteed that the same product output LED beads at the same time.

2. In the case of ultra high brightness white LED beads, anti-static device is needed, ultra high brightness white LED beads damaged by static electricity, even if the naked eye can not see, it will reduce the application life.

3. When the working voltage of the LED lamp bead changes by 0.1V, the working current may change by about 20 mA. Usually, even if the inline current limit resistance is used, the active voltage limit flow can be achieved through a simple constant voltage circuit to avoid the loss of LED beads.

4. Generally speaking, the peak current of LED beads is 50 ~ 100 mA, and the reverse voltage is about 6V. When LED beads are applicable, the peak voltage and current should not exceed the limit when planning the circuit. If the peak voltage of the circuit (especially with high output) is too high, it is likely to damage the LED bead.