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LED around the tree (beautiful night scene)

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In order to bring you the introduction of LED trees decorating beautiful night scenes, Xiaobian briefly sorted out today and told you, hoping to help you.

With the continuous development of science and technology, people's demand for beautiful night scenes is getting higher and higher. Beautiful night lights can often be seen on both sides of parks, squares and streets in cities. One of the common decorations is the tail of LED street lamp. This kind of lamp can not only add bright colors to the night market, but also provide people with a romantic and warm atmosphere. This paper will introduce in detail the characteristics of LED surrounding tree lights, application scenarios and the role of decorating the night scene.

Characteristics of LED street lamp labels around trees

The lamp band wrapped around the LED tree is a lamp band composed of a plurality of small bulbs, which can be fixed on the tree to form a ring or other shape. Adopt energy-saving LED bulbs to save energy and reduce energy consumption. 

 LED bulbs have long service life, which can reach tens of thousands of hours, and the frequency of bulb replacement and maintenance cost are reduced. 3. LED uses wood to wrap the back line, which is waterproof, high temperature resistant and weathering resistant, and can adapt to various bad weather conditions.  


LED trees are wrapped with lamps, and colorful colors are optional. People can choose different colors such as red, yellow, blue and green according to their needs, resulting in different atmosphere and effects. In addition, these brackets also support a variety of lighting modes such as brightness, flicker and gradient, which can be adjusted and switched by the controller.

Application Scenarios of LED Around Tree Lamp

LED lights around trees have been widely used in outdoor environment because of their good waterproof performance and durability. It can be installed on trees on both sides of parks, squares and roads to add bright colors to this place. When night falls, LED lights are lit around wooden lights, and the whole park or square is dazzling immediately, attracting the attention of many tourists and citizens.

LED wooden strings can also be used for commercial decoration. For example, shopping centers, hotels, coffee shops and other places often use LED to decorate wooden lamps on holidays or special periods to create a romantic and warm atmosphere and attract more customers to spend.

Decoration effect brought by LED winding wooden lamp to night scene

Night scene is not only the business card of the city, but also one of the important factors to attract tourists and citizens. LED adorns the night scene around wooden lamps, adding romance and warmth to the city. LED lights are arranged around the trees to surround the street lamps. The combination of lights and trees creates a dreamy effect, which makes people feel like they are in fairy tales.

LED can also add more changes and surprises to the night scene through different lighting modes and color choices. For example, you can set the gradient light of rainbow light to make the night scene colorful; Or set flashing lights to increase the movement and vitality of the night scene.

Future Development of Wood Surrounded LED

With the improvement of people's demand for night scenes, the prospect of LED surrounding wooden lamps is very bright. On the one hand, LED tree winding technology is constantly innovating, and the brightness, stability and energy-saving performance of bulbs are constantly improving, which makes LED tree winding more convenient and reliable in practical application. On the other hand, people's demand for night scenes is also increasing, and the requirements for lighting effects are getting higher and higher, which provides more space for LED to surround tree trunks.

It can be predicted that LED will play an increasingly important role in the future night scene decoration, adding more beauty and charm to the city night.

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As a beautiful night scene decoration, LED surrounds the trees. It has the characteristics of energy saving, durability and colorful. It can be widely used in parks, squares, commercial places, etc., adding bright colors to the city at night. LED around the wood lamp lighting changes and color selection, can add more changes and surprises for the night scene. With the continuous progress of science and technology and people's continuous pursuit of night scene, the future development prospect of LED surrounding wood lamp is very broad