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LED lantern string indoor and outdoor decorative lighting

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About the detailed contents of LED lanterns (indoor and outdoor decorative lighting), Xiaobian sorted out and told everyone today, hoping to help everyone.

In modern society, LED lanterns, as indoor and outdoor decorative lighting products, are more and more welcomed by people. It can not only add unique atmosphere to families, shops, parks and other places, but also be used for special occasions such as festivals and celebrations. In order to help readers better understand and use LED lanterns, the principle, characteristics, application fields and selection skills of LED lanterns are described in detail in this paper.

Principle of LED Colored Lamp

LED lanterns are decorative lamps made of light emitting diode (LED). LED is a solid-state semiconductor device, which produces light when current passes through it. LED lamp string can adjust the brightness and brightness of LED lamp beads of different colors to achieve colorful lighting effect.


Compared with traditional incandescent lamps, LED lantern strings have the advantages of low energy consumption, long service life, earthquake resistance and fall resistance. In addition, RGB tricolor mixing can adjust the brightness of LED with different colors and show different colors. This makes the application prospect of LED lanterns in the field of decoration very broad.

Characteristics of LED Lamp Strings

1. Low energy consumption: LED lanterns use LED as light source, and their energy efficiency ratio can reach more than 80%, which is more than 90% more energy-saving than traditional incandescent lamps, and has remarkable energy-saving effect.

2. Long life: The life of LED lamp string is generally over 50,000 hours. Dozens of times that of traditional incandescent lamps. The frequency and cost of replacing bulbs can be reduced.

3. Rich colors: LED lights can realize the mixing of RGB three primary colors, and can present a variety of colorful lighting effects by adjusting the brightness of LED with different colors.

4. Anti-earthquake and anti-drop: LED colored lights adopt solid-state luminous technology, have no glass bulbs and filaments, have strong anti-earthquake and anti-drop ability, and are suitable for various complex environments.

5. Environmental protection and health: LED colored lights have no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, no harmful substances such as mercury, no pollution to human body and environment, and are an environmentally friendly light source.

Application Field of LED Lamp String

1. Home decoration: LED lantern strings can be used for home decoration. Such as living room, bedroom, study and other decorative lighting. It can be the wall, ceiling, furniture, and so on, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere for the family.

2. Commercial places: LED lantern strings are widely used in the decoration of commercial places such as shopping malls, supermarkets and hotels. It can improve the visual effect of shopping malls, attract customers' attention and improve the comfort of shopping environment.

3. Public places: LED lanterns can also be applied to the decoration of public places. Such as parks, squares, playgrounds, etc. It can increase the festive atmosphere and attract people to visit and play.

4. Festival celebrations: LED lantern strings, like Christmas and Spring Festival, are common decorations for festival celebrations. It can illuminate streets, squares and indoor spaces, and add joy and excitement to festivals.

5. Wedding: LED lanterns are also widely used in wedding activities. As a wedding scene decoration, it can create a romantic and warm atmosphere and leave beautiful memories for newcomers and guests.

Selecting Techniques of LED Colored Lamps

1. Brightness: The brightness of LED lanterns is one of the important indicators for selection. Generally speaking, the higher the brightness, the better the lighting effect of LED lanterns. Therefore, you can choose products with different brightness according to your needs.

2. Waterproof grade: When LED lights are needed outdoors, waterproof grade is one of the factors to be considered. Under normal circumstances, the waterproof level of LED lanterns used indoors is low, but the waterproof level of outdoor lanterns is higher.

3. Control mode: There are various control modes of LED lamp string, and the appropriate control mode can be selected according to the needs. Common control methods include manual switch, remote control, smart phone APP control and so on.

4. Brand and quality: When purchasing LED lighting, you can choose some well-known brand products. This can ensure product quality and after-sales service.

5. Price: Price is also one of the factors to be considered when purchasing LED lanterns. Generally speaking, the price of LED lantern string is related to quality and configuration, and you can choose the appropriate products according to your own needs and budget.

That's all for the answer to "LED lanterns (indoor and outdoor decorative lighting)". I hope I can help. How is it? Learn more and see relevant suggestions

LED lanterns as indoor and outdoor decorative lighting products, with low energy consumption, long life, rich colors and other characteristics, widely used in home, shopping malls, parks and other places of decoration. When choosing, it can be selected according to brightness, waterproof grade, control mode, brand and quality, price and other factors. LED lanterns have broad prospects for development, and I believe there will be more innovations and applications in the future.