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Parameters of 3030 lamp beads (Philips 3030 lamp beads specification)

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Hello everyone today to introduce the parameters of 3030 lamp beads, Philips 3030 lamp bead specifications, the following is a small series of this problem, take a look.

One, 3030 lamp bead parameters

Model: 3030 bead Specification: 3.0*3.0*0.6mm Power: 1W optical flux: 110-120 LM, 120-130 LM, 130-140 LM, 150-160 LM Color temperature: warm white 3000K, natural white 4000K, positive white 6000K, cold white 10000-12000K voltage: 3.0-3.2V current: 350 mA


Philips 3030 beads are rated for the input voltage and current

3030 lamp bead color temperature in around 13000K lamp bead voltage 6.0-6.5V maximum current in 220MA brightness in 72-75 LM drive power should choose current 200 mA, voltage is 6v integer times of the drive power

3030 lamp bead color temperature 5000K how to calculate the drive current

3030 One watt of driving current is: 1W/3.3V=0.3A.

3030 patch 1w lamp bead working voltage is 6v which current is how much ah

The power and voltage is equal to the current, 1÷6=0.167A, which is 167 mA.

3030 are EMC or PCT? What is the difference between these two materials?

3030 is mainly made of PCT material, because PCT has obvious cost advantages in the case of 1W power. Of course, there are also EMC supports to choose from, but it is not cost-effective when it is lower than 1W.

At present, LED packaging bracket is mainly composed of plastic, copper material and electroplating, among which the key to heat conduction is to see the material of plastic, and the main application materials are PPA, PCT and EMC. PCT materials are better than the existing PPA in high temperature tolerance, high temperature prolonged yellowing, reflectivity and UV irradiation. It can achieve other similar materials incomparable color stability and low water absorption (about one thousandth), used for the production of large outdoor LED screen, can achieve good environmental adaptability. In addition, PCT material is ceramic fiber, containing about 20% fiber, good weather resistance, UV resistance, low water absorption and molding shrinkage rate and good size stability. The EMC bracket has the characteristics of high heat resistance, UV resistance, high current, small volume and anti-yellowing, which brings new choices for the pursuit of the declining cost of LED factory closure. Both regional LED packaging plants and Chinese mainland LED packaging plants actively expanded their EMC capacity in 2013, among which, the capacity of terrestrial LED packaging plants expanded rapidly.

The above is xiaobian for the 3030 lamp bead parameters, Philips 3030 lamp bead specification questions and related questions answered, I hope to be useful to you