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The functionality and application scenarios of 5050RGB lamp beads

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  5050RGB lamp beads are SMD -type triple -color lamp beads, which are sealed with red, green and blue hair light chips, which can perform monochrome and mixed glowing functions according to the control system.

  The 5050RGB lamp bead market is widely used. From outdoor guardrails, wall lamps to indoor lighting lights, small night lights to the internal atmosphere light bar in the automotive industry.

  The 5050RGB lamp bead covers most of the areas where LED lamp beads are located, and it is also the most popular lamp bead model in the early days of LED. Today, I will take you to learn about the basic knowledge of some 5050RGB lamp beads.

  Optical parameters: The 5050RGB lamp beads used in most application scenarios are 0.2W power.

  With the update of market products and the requirements of the use environment, 0.2W 5050RGB lamp beads are gradually not suitable for the use of comprehensive products. Requirements cannot be met, such as brightness, power, current, and so on. Therefore, the packaging industry also introduces 5050RGB lamp products with higher brightness and greater power.

  The following provides a reference comparison of 0.2W 5050RGB lamp beads and 1.5W 5050RGB lamp bead parameters.





  0.2W 5050RGB Optical Parameters 1.5W 5050RGB Optical Parameters

  Scholar material improvement: 0.2W 5050RGB lamp beads, after the test of the market, the existing brackets have been greatly improved in hardness, patch processing,

  maintenance, etc. Various processes and use. However, when the power is increased, the most intuitive problem is the calorie factors. The use of large current will cause the overall temperature of the lamp bead to rise, which will cause abnormal conditions of the lamp beads. In this case The display is not enough, so after the improvement, we re -selected medium -power brackets with better heat dissipation performance for packaging,

  and the heat problems were effectively improved, and the environment and products that were better in accordance with high -power use were better.





  0.2W 5050RGB bracket 1.5W 5050RGB bracket

  Chip band parameters: 5050RGB lamp beads In addition to daily atmosphere lighting and outdoor applications, it has also been used in biomedical in recent years. Such as plant -growing lights, LED beauty masks and other beauty LED products. The chip bands used by these functional products have fixed requirements. For example, the principle of plant growth is to help plants shorten the growth cycle through specific bands. The light source is mainly composed of red and blue light sources. The red light wavelength uses 620-630nm and 640-660nm, and the Blu-ray wavelength is 450-460nm and 460-470nm. These light sources are the best photosynthetic effect of plants, and plants have the best growth state.

  Experiments and practical applications show that in addition to giving plants in the lack of light, it also allows plants to promote extraction during the growth process. The differentiation of the side branches and buds, accelerate the growth of the roots and leaves, accelerate the synthesis of plant carbohydrates and the synthesis of vitamins, and shorten the growth cycle. LED beauty products are used in other bands, 320nm ~ 380nm ultraviolet rays, which can promote skin metabolism, strong skin growth, thick skin, and can also treat leather moss (psoriasis), vitiligo, etc.;

  for lighting, it can be used for lighting. The fluorescent effect of the lighting objects is strong; it can also be used for industrial radiation testing, chemical phase, and banknote testing. 275nm ~ 320nm ultraviolet rays; fluorescent baths have a strong physiological effect on the human body. He can cause skin optical chemistry and light dots, so that the skin can produce many active substances, which can play a good role in the human internal organs, mental systems, and endocrine system circulation systems;

  The human body is red after the light bath, which causes the skin to become red and produces erythema effects. On the other hand, the 7 -dehydrogenation wheat cholesterol in the skin is converted into vitamin D3 or D2, which promotes the normal calcium phosphorus cycle of the human body. It is especially important.





  5050RGB conventional band special band of the effect on the skin

  The above is the Tiancheng Lighting 5050RGB lamp bead brought by you today. Through different functions, there are many 5050RGB lamp beads that are upgraded and updated in different products, which explain the principle of applying RGB lamp beads in different fields.

  It is believed that with the continuous update of the LED industry technology, 5050RGB products will continue to upgrade according to market needs. It is no longer limited to the lighting market. LED light function is the way to develop.

  Through the continuous research and development and innovation of Tiancheng Lighting, it will not be eliminated by the market, but a classic inheritance.