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What is the difference between 5630 and 5730

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Now many friends are very concerned about the difference between 5630 lamp and 5730 lamp. Today, Xiaobian will share the relevant information about the difference between 5630 lamp and 5730 lamp, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

In modern lighting, LED lamp bead is an indispensable element. LED lamp beads are available in a variety of options, 5630 lamp beads and 5730 lamp beads are two commonly used models. Many people will ask, what is the difference between these two kinds of lamp beads? This article will explain the differences between them in detail and give you the answer to this question .

What are 5630 lamp beads and 5730 lamp beads

5630 lamp beads and 5730 lamp beads are a kind of LED lamp beads, and their names represent their size. 5630 beads 5.6 mm x 3.0 mm, 5730 beads 5.7 mm x 3.0 mm 。


The two beads are similar in shape, both are square, but 5730 beads are slightly larger. And the color is different. 5630 beads are usually white and 5730 beads are yellow.。

Comparison of brightness and energy efficiency

In terms of brightness, 5730 headlights are much brighter than 5630 headlights. This is mainly because the current and voltage of 5730 lamp beads are higher and the power is stronger, so the brightness is higher. In addition, the 5730 lamp bead adopts the latest chip, which can improve the brightness compared with the old 5630 chip.

In terms of energy efficiency, 5630 lamp group is higher than 5730 lamp group. 5730 headlights are brighter, but more energy-efficient than 5630 headlights. This is because the 5730 lamp has higher current and voltage, higher power and lower energy efficiency 。

Price comparison

In terms of price, 5630 headlights are cheaper than 5730 headlights. The 5730 lamp is brighter, but the cost is higher and the price is increased accordingly. In addition, 5630 lamps are old products, and the price on the market is relatively low at present。

Comparison of application fields

The application fields of 5630 lamp beads and 5730 lamp beads are also different. 5630 beads are mainly used for indoor lighting, such as homes, shopping malls, hotels, etc. 5730 marbles are more suitable for outdoor lighting, such as roads, squares, building exterior walls, etc. The reason is that the 5730 lamp beads are brighter, which can better illuminate the outdoor environment.

In addition, because the color of 5730 beads is yellow, 5730 beads can also be used for lighting in some specific occasions, such as lighting and billboards.

The above is the detailed introduction of "What's the difference between 5630 headlights and 5730 headlights" brought by editor. What do you think? For details, please see the relevant suggestions below. The following is a summary of this article.

Generally speaking, 5630 headlights and 5730 headlights have their own advantages and limitations. 5630 beads are more suitable for indoor lighting, which is more energy efficient and cheap, but the brightness is relatively low. The 5730 Biz is more suitable for outdoor lighting, with high brightness, but more energy saving and relatively high price. When choosing, we should consider the actual needs and choose the beads that suit us best.

This is the difference between 5630 lamp and 5730 lamp. I hope this article can help us to better understand these two lamp beads and choose them reasonably in practical application .