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3030 LED lamp bead model specification

LEDSMDBEADS release time:2023-10-14 14:32:59 Reading volume:1

Hello everyone today to introduce the 3030led lamp bead model specifications, the following is a small series of this problem summary, take a look.

One, what does the led lamp bead model 3030 mean

3030 refers to the 3.0*3.0mm package size of the led lamp bead.

LED lamp bead packaging should be used in the multi-base color combination to achieve, focus on improving the spectral distribution of LED radiation SPD, close to the spectral distribution of sunlight. Attention should be paid to the development and application of quantum dot phosphor powder to achieve better light and color quality.

LED lamp bead is the most basic form of LED application. All kinds of technologies, methods, processes, equipment, and packaging shape of LED packaging are directly related to the subsequent downstream LED application mode and application scope.

The function of packaging is to provide enough protection of the chip to prevent the failure of chronic exposure to the air or mechanical damage, to improve the stability of the chip; for LED packaging, also need to have good light removal efficiency and good heat dissipation, good packaging can make LED have better luminous efficiency and heat dissipation environment, and then improve the life of LED.

Light mechanism of semiconductor material determines the single LED chip is unable to emit a continuous spectrum of white light, so the process must mix more than two complementary color light and form white light, white light LED method mainly has three: blue LED + YAG yellow phosphor, RGB three color LED, ultraviolet LED + multicolor phosphor, and the realization of white LED are in encapsulation link.

Two, what is the welding standard of 3030LED lamp beads? The 3030 lamp beads need to meet the welding requirements to be considered as qualified products? What manufacturer is good?

Lead-free welding technology and its material research is also relatively backward LED lamp bead welding standards can refer to ROHS lead-free welding process (the European Union limits the use of harmful substances), many first-line brands of 3030LED lamp beads are implemented by this standard. We commonly use tiancheng 3030LED lamp beads on the ROHS lead-free welding standard.3030 lamp Tiancheng photoelectric and kui is good.

Three, 3030LED lamp beads which manufacturer of good quality? What are the main technical parameters of the 3030LED lamp beads?

The quality is better tiancheng and Japan ya, compared to Japan ya we are more commonly used tiancheng, you can search to do a comparison. Tiancheng 3030LED lamp bead external dimension is 3.0mm*3.0mm*0.52mm. stent is ENC stent. Light Angle 120 degrees, color temperature is 2800-12000K, lumen is: 120-140lm 130-140 lm and 140-160 LM.

Patch LED bead 3030 and patch LED bead 5050 what company produces good quality? What's the difference?

First of all, the model is different, and the overall size of 5050 is larger. The 3030 external dimension is only 3mm*3mm*0.52mm. The wavelength coverage is basically the same, the number of pins is different, 5050 for six welding angles. The material material of the heat dissipation bracket is different for different manufacturers. General manufacturers are making both the 3030 and 5050 models,