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5050 Lantern Festival and 5050RGB are available

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What is the difference between 5050 lamp beads and 5050 RGB?

5050 refers to the size of an LED with a width of 5.0 mm and a width of 5.0 mm.

RGB stands for red, green and blue.

5050RGB is 5mm*5mm red, green, blue and other beads.


Why is led lamp bead called 5050 lamp?

5050 lamp beads named after LED package size:

The so-called 5050 beads are beads with an overall size of 5.0*5. 0mm in length and width.

Which is brighter, 5050 bead or 3014 bead 5050?

3014 and 5050 are only industry abbreviations for LED size. That is to say, 3014 means that the length and width of LED components are 3.0 mm and 1.4 mm respectively. 5050 means the LED element is 5.0 mm long and 5.0 mm wide.

Their brightness intensity is the same, but considering the larger size of 5050, the lighting effect in the room will be better.

Why is the LED strip of 5050 lamp more expensive than 3528 lamp?

The power of 5050 lamp beads is 0.2 W, and that of 3528 lamp beads is 0.06 W. Wattage, brightness and price should be different. Smooth lights can only be used with 5050.3528, but other marbles can also be used, such as 3014 5730.

What is the difference between 5050 headlights and 3030 headlights?

1. Different packaging sizes:

(1) 5050 refers to LED lamp beads with length and width of 5.0*5. 0mm.

(2) 3030 refers to 3.0*3. 0mm LED lamp beads.

2. Multiple colors:

(1) 3030 and 3030 beads are only monochromatic.

(2) 5050 equal column can be two-color, first-class two-color dual-purpose, good color mixing.

3. All employees are different:

(1) The power of 3030 lamp bead is 0.2-1w.

(2) The power of 5050 lamp bead is 0.2 w-0. 5w.

Extended data:

15050RGB lamp bead is a kind of LED lamp bead. 5050 is named after the product size. RGB refers to three basic colors: red, green and blue.

The main features of 2.5050 RGB lamp beads are:

1. Low-voltage driver, green and energy-saving.

2. Small size and convenient installation.

3. High brightness, large scattering angle and good consistency.

Third, EMC 3030 is an innovative high-power LED product. The lamp bead is made of EMC new materials, and the principle is the same as EMC 3014.  

4. The product has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, long service life and strong ultraviolet resistance.

V. Specific parameters:

1. Color temperature: 2870-3220k; 3985-4503K; 5665-6530K.

2. Local: 70-75ra.

3. Lighting effect: 105-130lm/W.

4. Speed of light: 90-100lm;; 100-110lm; 110-120 pounds.

Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-5050rgp and other notes

Please see: Baidu Encyclopedia EMC 3030 is a single LED bulb, that is, a color. 5050RGB is a three-color LED bulb. RGB stands for red, green and blue. The overall size of the 5050 should be larger. Better manufacturers have Dongjia Optoelectronics, Ruike and Jiajia. The 5050 lamp and 3030 lamp with purple photoelectricity refer to different product models respectively. These figures indicate their packing size. 5050 is an LED lamp bead with a length and width of 5.0*5. 0mm, and 3030 is an LED lamp bead with a length and width of 3.0*3. 0mm, but the quality is still good.

Where are 5050 lamp beads mainly used? It is called 5050 LED backlight, which is commonly used in high-end LED lighting market

The so-called 5050 beads are beads with an overall size of 5.0*5. 0mm in length and width.