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5730 lamp bead withstand pressure is how much 5730 lamp bead how many watts

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At present, many friends for 5730 bead pressure is how much 5730 beads how many watts are more interested, so Tiancheng xiaobian today in some and 5730 bead pressure is how much 5730 beads how many watts related information to share with you, I hope to help you oh.

With the development of science and technology, LED lamp beads have gradually replaced the traditional incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, and become the main products of the lighting industry. In LED beads, 5730 beads are widely used in all kinds of lighting equipment because of its high brightness, high stability, long life and other characteristics. So, what is the 5730 lamp bead pressure resistance?5730 How many watts are the lamp beads? Next, we will elaborate on these issues.

5730 What is the pressure resistance

5730 Pressure resistance refers to the maximum voltage that can withstand within a certain period of time. Once this voltage is exceeded, the bead will burn out.5730 The pressure resistance of lamp beads is generally between 2.8V-3.4V, and the specific pressure resistance value depends on the production process and quality requirements of different manufacturers.


In practical use, we need to select the appropriate 5730 lamp beads according to the design requirements of the circuit. Generally speaking, if the voltage of the circuit is higher than the voltage of 5730 beads, then it is necessary to protect the beads by adding current limiting resistance to prevent it from burning out.

5730 How many watts of lamp beads

5730 The wattage of the lamp bead mainly depends on its current and voltage. In general, the rated voltage of 5730 lamp beads is 2.8V-3.4V, and the rated current is 150 mA-300 mA, so the rated power is between 0.42W-1.02W.

Of course, in practical use, we can also adjust the current and voltage according to the need, to achieve different light efficiency and brightness. However, it should be noted that too high current and voltage will increase the operating temperature of the lamp bead, which will affect its life and stability.

5730 Advantages of the lamp beads

5730 beads has the following advantages over other types of LED beads:

High brightness: the brightness of 5730 beads can reach more than 130 LM / W, which is brighter than other models of LED beads.

High stability: the 5730 lamp beads use a high-quality chip and packaging materials, with high stability and durability.

Long life: 5730 beads can have a life of more than 50,000 hours, more durable than traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps.

Energy saving and environmental protection: 5730 lamp beads have low energy consumption, which can achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

5730 Application field of lamp beads

5730 Due to its high brightness, high stability and long life, lamp beads are widely used in the following fields:

Indoor lighting: 5730 lamp beads can be used to make all kinds of indoor lighting fixtures, such as suction ceiling lamp, tube lamp, desk lamp, etc.

Outdoor lighting: 5730 lamp beads can be used to make outdoor lighting lamps, such as street lights, landscape lights, billboard lights, etc.

Car lighting: 5730 lamp beads can be used to make car headlights, taillights, turn signals and other lighting equipment.

Electronic products: 5730 lamp beads can be used to make mobile phone screen backlight, TV screen backlight, tablet computer and other electronic products.

How to choose the 5730 lamp beads

When selecting the 5730 lamp beads, consider the following factors:

Brightness: choose the appropriate brightness according to the actual needs.

Color temperature: choose the appropriate color temperature according to the actual needs.

Light effect: choose high light effect beads according to actual needs.

Brand: choose the well-known brand lamp beads, the quality is more guaranteed.

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5730 lamp bead is one of the most widely used LED lamp beads, its pressure is generally between 2.8V-3.4V and rated power between 0.42W-1.02W.5730 Light beads have the advantages of high brightness, high stability and long life, and are widely used in all kinds of lighting equipment. When choosing 5730 lamp beads, factors such as brightness, color temperature, light efficiency and brand need to be considered.