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5730 lamp beads how to install 5730 lamp beads and 2835 lamp beads which is good

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Now many friends are very concerned about how to install 5730 lamps and 2835 lamps. So today, Chen Xing Xiaobian will share the information that 5730 lamps are installed with 5730 lamps and 2835 lamps are easy to use, hoping to help everyone.

With the continuous development of science and technology, LED lamp beads are becoming more and more popular in our daily life. Among LED lamp beads, 5730 and 2835 lamp beads are two common ones. Then, this article will focus on the topic of "which is better, 5730 beads, 5730 beads or 2835 beads". We will compare and analyze these two lamp beads from the aspects of installation method, performance and price, so as to help everyone better understand these two lamp beads and choose their own lamp beads.

First: the installation method of 5730 lamp beads and 2835 lamp beads.


The installation method of 5730 lamp and 2835 lamp is relatively simple, and only some basic tools and techniques are needed. Let's take a look at the installation method of 5730 lamp beads first.

5730 lamp beads should generally be fixed with aluminum substrate. The so-called aluminum substrate is an aluminum plate with good thermal conductivity, through which lamp beads are fixed to play the role of synchronous heat dissipation. When installing, we should first put the aluminum substrate in the position to be installed, and then fix the aluminum substrate in this position with screws. Next, we soldered 5730 lamp beads one by one on the aluminum substrate and connected them to the circuit board. Finally, turn on the motherboard power supply.

In contrast, the installation method of 2835 lamp beads is simpler. They usually use glue or double-sided tape to stick directly to the position to be installed. Apply glue or double-sided tape on the back of 2835 lamp bead, then stick it in the required position, and press it gently to fix it.

Second: Performance comparison between 5730 lamp and 2835 lamp.

There are also some differences in performance between 5730 and 2835 headlights. First, let's look at their brightness. The brightness of 5730 beads can reach 50-55 lumens, while the brightness of 2835 beads is only 20-22 lumens. Therefore, if you want higher brightness, it is better to choose 5730 lamp group.

Secondly, let's look at the luminous angle. The illumination of 5730 beads is usually about 120 degrees, while the illumination of 2835 beads is narrower, about 60 degrees. Therefore, if you want a wider illumination range, it is recommended to choose 5730 lamp beads.

In addition, the calorific value of 5730 lamp beads is relatively high, so it is necessary to use a good radiator for heat dissipation. However, the calorific value of 2835 lamp beads is relatively low, so no special radiator is needed. Therefore, when using, we should choose the lamp bead suitable for ourselves according to the actual situation.

Third: Price comparison between 5730 lamps and 2835 lamps.

In terms of price, there is also a gap between 5730 headlights and 2835 headlights. Generally speaking, the price of 5730 lamp beads is slightly more expensive than that of 2835 lamp beads. For example, the price of a 5730 lamp may be around 0.3 yuan, while the price of a 2835 lamp may be around 0.2 yuan. Therefore, you should also consider your own budget when purchasing.

However, it should be noted that price is not the decisive factor. Some brands of 5730 lamp beads may cost less than some unknown brands of 2835 lamp beads, but their performance may be better. Therefore, we should also pay attention to brand and quality when choosing.

Fourth: the application performance of 5730 lamp beads and 2835 lamp beads.

5730 lamp beads and 2835 lamp beads are also applicable differently. 5730 Biz is suitable for lighting scenes requiring higher brightness, such as indoor lobby, shopping mall, office, etc. 2835 marbles are suitable for TV, display screen and other scenes that need small marbles. In addition, 2835 marbles have a small luminous angle, so they are also suitable for some scenes that need local lighting, such as cabinets and desks.

Of course, this is not absolute, and it is necessary to make a choice in line with the actual situation in the end. For example, if longer distance lighting is required, but smaller beads are required, 2835 beads are recommended and the number of beads is increased.

Fifth: How to choose the lamp bead that suits you

To sum up, choosing a suitable lamp bead requires comprehensive consideration of many factors. First of all, we should choose brightness and luminous angle according to actual needs. If you need high brightness and large illumination range, you can choose 5730 lamp beads; If you need partial lighting or small beads, you can choose 2835 beads.

Secondly, we should also consider the price and brand. Although price is important, it is not the decisive factor. Sometimes the price of 5730 lamp beads of some brands may be lower than that of 2835 lamp beads of some unknown brands, but the quality is better. Therefore, we should pay attention to brand and quality when purchasing.  

consider the applicable scenarios. Different scenes need different marbles, so they should be selected according to the actual situation.

Finally, the above is "5730 lamp, which is better, 5730 lamp or 2835 lamp", which is explained in detail by editor. What do you think? For details, please see the relevant suggestions below. The following is the summary of this article:

To sum up, 5730 headlights and 2835 headlights have their own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a suitable lamp bead requires comprehensive consideration of brightness, luminous angle, price, brand, applicable scene and many other factors. Choose according to the actual situation, in order to achieve the best effect