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73v lamp beads how to make light change lights

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At present, many friends are interested in how to make 73v beads, so today sorted out some information about how to make 73v beads to share with you, I hope to help you.

Light light is a common stage lighting, which can create different atmosphere effects by controlling the change of light brightness and color. This article will introduce how to use 73V beads to make a simple light change, help readers understand the basic principle of light production and production process.

First: material preparation

The materials to be prepared for the lighting are:

7 Only 3V lamp beads

1 Circuit board

One battery button

One potential device

1 single NPN triode

1 with a 10K resistance

1 with a 100K resistance

10.1 uf capacitor

1 with a 1 uf capacitor

Lead, solder, welding table and other tools


The above materials can be purchased in the electronic market or on Taobao.

Second: circuit design

Circuit design is the key to make light, the following is the circuit diagram:

The components in the circuit schematic diagram are described as follows:

Battery buckle: used to connect the battery and provide power supply.

Potentiometer: It is used to control the light brightness.

Triode: switch to control lights.

Resistance and capacitance: controls the flashing frequency and stabilization circuit.

Third: circuit production

According to the circuit schematic diagram, the components on the circuit board are welded according to the connection mode of the circuit diagram. Pay attention to ensure that the solder joints are firm and not short circuit.

When the circuit welding is completed, connect the battery to the battery and measure whether the voltage of the circuit is 3V to ensure that the circuit is working normally.

Fourth: the lamp bead connection

Connect 73V beads to the circuit board with wires, noting that the positive and negative poles of the beads can not be connected.

After the lamp beads are connected, measure whether the voltage of the circuit is 3V again to ensure that the lamp beads work normally.

Fifth: test and debugging

After connecting the battery to the circuit, gently rotate the potentiometer by hand to see whether the brightness and color of the light change. If the light does not change, try adjusting the value of the potentiometer and resistance or check that the circuit is connected.

After the test passes, the circuit and lamp beads can be fixed in a suitable housing for better use and carrying.

Finally, the above is a detailed introduction of "73v lamp beads, how to make the changing lights", what do you think? For more, check out the recommendations below, which is a summary of this article

Through this introduction, the reader can learn how to use seven 3V lamp beads to make a simple variable light. During the production process, attention should be paid to the details of circuit design, welding and lamp bead connection to ensure the normal operation of the lights. Made light lights can be used for performance, stage, KTV and other occasions, bring different visual experience.