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75 lamp beads how to connect, flashlight lamp beads how to connect

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Now many friends are very concerned about how 75 beads connect flashlights. Then Chen Xing Xiaobian will share the relevant information on how to connect 75 beads with flashlights today, hoping to help everyone.

As a common lighting tool, flashlight has a wide range of application scenarios, and the marbles of flashlight are also an important link. When we need to change flashlight marbles or homemade flashlights, we should know how to connect them correctly. This paper focuses on the topic of "How to connect 75 marbles with flashlight marbles", trying to help readers better understand the connection method of flashlight marbles.

Lamppost classification

Flashlight marbles are mainly divided into white marbles and red marbles.


White marbles are mainly used for lighting, with high brightness, which is suitable for use in dark environment. Red marbles are suitable for walking at night, observing wild animals and other environments that need to maintain visual acuity.

Tangent method of lamp bead

The wiring methods of flashlight beads are mainly divided into series connection and parallel connection.

The series mode is to connect the lamp beads into circuits one by one. The advantage of this connection is that all lamp beads can get the same current and voltage, and the brightness is relatively uniform. However, the series method requires a high voltage to drive all the beads, and too many beads will increase the complexity of the circuit.

Connect the beads connected to the positive and negative poles of the power supply side by side. The advantage of this connection is that the voltage is low and the brightness of each lamp bead is the same. However, the connection method requires a large current to drive all the beads, and too many beads will increase the load of the circuit.

Connection of seventy-five lampposts

If 75 marbles need to be connected, we can connect them in series or at multiple points.

Series method: 75 lamp posts are connected in series one by one to form a circuit. However, the series method requires a higher voltage to drive all the lamp beads, so it requires a higher voltage power supply. In addition, there are a large number of lamp beads, which is very difficult for people who connect manually and requires patient and meticulous operation.

Multiple splicing method: 75 lampposts are divided into several groups, and each group is connected in parallel. For example, divide 75 marbles into 5 groups of 15 in each group, and then connect each marble in parallel. This connection requires a large current power supply, but it can reduce the load of each circuit and facilitate passive connection.

Wiring method of flashlight marbles

The wiring method of flashlight beads varies with different flashlight circuits. Generally speaking, the flashlight circuit is divided into three parts: power supply, switch and lamp bead. We must insert the lamp bead into the circuit correctly.

The wiring methods of flashlight beads generally include:

Direct soldering: Solder the lamp bead directly to the circuit board or flashlight shell. This method requires certain welding skills and attention to the polarity of lamp beads.

2. Terminal: Connect the lamp bead to the circuit using the terminal. This method is relatively simple. No welding technology is required. However, attention should be paid to the polarity of lamp beads and the quality of connection terminals .

3. Spring wiring: Use springs to connect the lamp beads to the circuit. This method is more convenient, convenient to replace the lamp bead, but pay attention to the quality and sensitivity of the spring.

Replacement of flashlight beads

The flashlight lamp bead replacement must first determine the flashlight circuit type and lamp bead model, and then carry out the corresponding operation. Generally, the steps for replacing flashlight beads are as follows:

1. Remove the flashlight and take out the original lamppost.

2. Make sure that the new bead model is consistent with the flashlight circuit type.

3. Connect the new beads correctly on the flashlight circuit.

4. Turn off the flashlight and test whether the new beads light up.

The above is the detailed introduction of "How to collect 75 lamp beads and how to collect flashlight lamp beads" brought by Xiaobian. What do you think? For details, please see the relevant suggestions below. The following is a summary of this article.

The wiring method and replacement method of flashlight beads require us to master certain knowledge and skills. When selecting lamp beads, it should be selected according to the wiring method and the actual situation when replacing them, and pay attention to the quality and safety of lamp beads at the same time. I hope this paper can help readers better understand the wiring and replacement methods of flashlight beads.