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8 Functional lamp string (use method of multifunctional lamp string)

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8 function lamp insert (multi-function lamp insert use method) operation guide, today small compilation to share with you, I hope to help you.

8-function electric lamp is a multifunctional electric lamp, which can be used for indoor and outdoor decorative lighting. It has a variety of lighting modes and functions, which can be adjusted and set according to different scenes and needs. This article will introduce the use of eight-function light string in detail, including switching of light mode, timing setting, remote control and so on.

Switch light mode

8 functional light bar has a variety of lighting modes, including constant lighting, flashing, breathing, jumping and so on. Switching lighting modes is very simple. Just press the mode button on the light string. Every time a button is pressed, the lighting mode will be switched once, and users can choose the appropriate lighting mode according to their own preferences and needs.


The light string of 3.8 function also supports automatic switching mode. After the user sets the time interval, the light mode will be automatically switched according to the set time interval. This can make the scene more interesting and changing.

Time setting 

8 function lamp string also has timing function, and users can set the time of turning on and turning off lights according to their needs. It is very convenient to set the timing. Press the timing button on the light and set it according to the prompt. You can set timed opening and closing times each day, or you can set specific dates and times.

Timing setting is a practical function, which can help users save the trouble of turning on and off lights manually every day and save energy. For example, set the lights to turn off automatically before going to bed at night and turn on automatically before getting up in the morning, so that users can start their day under comfortable lights.

Remote control

The 8 function light string also supports remote control, and users can control the lights through mobile APP or remote controller. Through the mobile APP, users can remotely control the on and off of lights and the mode switching of lights anytime and anywhere. Through the remote controller, users can operate the lights within a certain distance, which is very convenient.

The remote control function is convenient for users, and users can easily control the lights wherever they are, making the home environment more comfortable and warm. For example, when users go out, they can turn on the lights through the mobile APP, creating an atmosphere where people are at home and enhancing the sense of family security.

Energy conservation and environmental protection

The function lamp adopts 8 LED lamp beads, which has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. LED lamp beads have low power consumption and long service life, and are more energy-saving than traditional incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. LED lamp beads do not contain mercury and other harmful substances, and are more friendly to the environment.

Using 8-function headlights can not only enjoy beautiful lighting effects, but also save energy and protect the environment. Users can use it with confidence, which not only adds extra points to their home environment, but also contributes to environmental protection.

Applicable scenario 

8. Functional light string, which can be used in many scenes, including indoor and outdoor. Indoor, it can be used as a lighting lamp for decorating living room, bedroom, study and other rooms to create a warm atmosphere. Outdoors, it can be used to decorate gardens, balconies, terraces and other spaces for lighting, adding to the beautiful landscape at night.

The flexibility and diversity of 8 functional lamp strings are suitable for decorative lighting in different scenes to meet the needs and preferences of different users. Users can choose suitable lamps according to their living environment and decorative style to create a unique personalized space.

That's all for the 8-function car lamp (how to use multi-function car lamp). I hope it comes in handy. How is it? Learn more and see relevant suggestions

8 function lamp string is a multi-function lamp string, with a variety of lamp modes and functions, including lamp mode switching, timing setting, remote control and so on. It can be applied to decorative lighting of various scenes to create a comfortable, warm and beautiful environment. The function lamp string adopts 8 LED lamp beads, which can save energy and protect the environment for users. Users can choose appropriate lights according to their own needs and preferences to create a unique personalized space.