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Chandelier lamp holder (select a suitable chandelier lamp holder)

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Chandelier (choose the right chandelier) operation guide, today small edited out to tell you, I hope to help you.

As an important element of interior decoration, chandelier not only provides lighting function, but also shows personal taste and an important part of home style. As the supporting structure of chandelier, the selection of chandelier frame is very important for the installation and use of chandelier. In this paper, the material, shape, style and installation points of the chandelier holder are elaborated in detail, in order to help readers choose the chandelier holder that meets their own home style and needs.

Material of chandelier bracket

The material of chandelier frame is directly related to the quality and life of chandelier. Common chandelier bracket materials are metal, wood, plastic and so on.


The metal chandelier bracket has the characteristics of firmness and good stability, which is suitable for installing heavy chandeliers. There are many kinds of metal materials such as iron, aluminum and stainless steel, which can be selected according to personal preference and home style.

Wooden chandelier has natural texture and warm touch, which is suitable for creating natural and primitive home atmosphere. The choice of wood should pay attention to moisture-proof and insect-proof, and treated solid wood or plywood can be selected.

Compared with metal and wood, plastic chandeliers are cheaper and suitable for consumers with limited budgets. However, the plastic material is relatively weak, not resistant to high temperature and short in service life, so it is not suitable for installing large chandeliers and medium chandeliers.

Support shape of chandelier

The shape of the chandelier desk lamp is not only coordinated with the shape and style of the chandelier, but also coordinated with the interior space and decorative style.

Circular chandelier is often used in living room, dining room and other spaces, with the characteristics of simple atmosphere, suitable for Chinese style, modern simple style decoration.

Square chandeliers are mostly used in kitchens, study rooms and other spaces, with stable and rigorous characteristics, suitable for European, American and other style decorations.

The line type chandelier bracket is suitable for various indoor spaces, with concise and smooth characteristics, suitable for modern, Nordic and other styles of decoration.

Style of chandelier bracket

Chandelier styles are varied, and can be selected according to personal preferences and home styles.

The style of chandelier can be divided into two types: traditional and modern. Traditional styles usually have gorgeous and complicated decorations and patterns, which are suitable for classical, court and other styles of decoration; Modern style generally has simple and fashionable design, which is suitable for modern simple style decoration.

3. There are two styles of chandelier table lamp: lofting and lofting. The space with high ceiling is suitable for dress type, and the space with low ceiling is suitable for dress type.

Key points of bracket installation of chandelier

The installation points of chandelier bracket include installation position, installation height and installation fixation.

Choose the load-bearing position of the ceiling for installation, and avoid installing in unstable places such as beams and bathrooms.

The installation height should be determined according to the specific situation of chandelier and the demand of indoor space. Generally, chandeliers are set in living rooms, restaurants and other spaces, and the distance between them and the ground is kept at 2.2 ~ 2.5 m..

Install with professional tools and proper screws to secure the chandelier and prevent it from shaking or falling off.

Maintenance of chandelier bracket

Maintaining the machine tool of the chandelier can prolong the service life and aesthetics of the chandelier.

Clean the chandelier desk lamp regularly to avoid dust and oil accumulation.

Avoid contact of chandelier bracket with water and damp environment to prevent corrosion.

Regularly check the fixed parts of the chandelier bracket, such as screws and hooks, to ensure firmness and reliability;

Avoid collision and fall, and prevent chandelier from deformation or damage.

I hope that through the introduction of this article, readers can better understand the choice and use of chandeliers, choose chandeliers that meet their own home styles and needs, and create a comfortable and warm home environment.