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Lamp lamp (desk lamp type introduction)

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For the lamp lamp (lamp type introduction) related introduction xiaobian today summed up the relevant information to share with you, I hope to be able to help you oh.

Table lamp is one of the common lighting tools in modern life, it can not only provide light, still can serve as decoration ornament indoor environment. However, there are many kinds of desk lamps, and each desk lamp has its own unique features and uses. This article will introduce several common types of desk lamps to help readers understand the characteristics and applicable scenarios of different kinds of desk lamps.

Table Lamp type 1: LED desk lamp

The LED desk lamp is one of the most common desk lamps on the market right now. It uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) as a light source, with the characteristics of energy saving, long life and high brightness.3.LED desk lamp also has the characteristics of dimming and no flicker, making it an ideal choice for a long time. LED desk lamp is suitable for learning, work and other scenes that require high brightness.


3. The LED desk lamp also has some special functions, such as the LED desk lamp with wireless charging function, which can provide a convenient charging method for electronic devices such as mobile phones.

Table lamp type two: floor floor desk lamp

Floor desk lamp is a tall desk lamp, usually with a bracket and a lampshade. The lamp cover of landing desk lamp can adjust Angle and height, make the light can illuminate to different position. Floor landing desk lamp is suitable for the big space such as sitting room, bedroom, can have the double effect of illumination and adornment.

3. The design of floor lamp is also very diversified. Some floor lamp shades use special materials, such as cloth art, glass, etc., which can create different lighting effects and add warm atmosphere to the indoor environment.

Table Lamlamp type 3: eye protection desk lamp

Eye protection desk lamp is a desk lamp specially designed to protect your eyes. It uses a special light source and optical technology to reduce eye irritation and fatigue. Eye protection desk lamp has the characteristic of adjustable brightness, no flicker, no ultraviolet ray usually, can reduce the fatigue feeling of the eye effectively. Eye protection desk lamp is suitable for long time reading, learning and other scenes that need to protect the eyes.

3. Some eye protection desk lamps are also equipped with timing function, which can set working time and rest time according to personal habits, so as to remind users to timely rest, and prevent the excessive fatigue caused by using eyes for a long time.

Table Lamp lamp type four: charging desk lamp

Charging table lamp is a kind of table lamp integrating lighting and charging functions. It typically has a USB port or wireless charging, charging electronic devices such as phones and tablets. Charging desk lamp is suitable for placement in the head of the bed, desk and other positions, convenient for users to charge when needed.

3. Charging table lamp also has the function of adjustable brightness and light color temperature, which can adjust the brightness and color of the light according to personal needs, to provide a comfortable lighting environment.

Table lamp type five: clip lamp

A clamp lamp is a lamp that can be clamped on a table or other object. It usually uses flexible brackets and lampshade to adjust the angle and direction of the light. The lamp is suitable for reading, painting and other scenes that need local lighting, and can focus the light in the desired position.

3. The lamp also has the advantage of portability, can be used anytime and anywhere, very suitable for the need to move frequently.

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Different kinds of desk lamp have different characteristics and uses. LED desk lamp is suitable for scenes requiring high brightness, ground-floor desk lamp is suitable for large space lighting and decoration, eye protection desk lamp is suitable for long time eye protection, charging desk lamp is suitable for charging service, and clip lamp is suitable for local lighting. According to personal needs and use scenarios to choose their own lamp, can improve the quality of life and work efficiency.