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Ceramics 3535UVC+A LED lamp beads

Ceramics 3535UVC+A LED lamp beads

  • product brand: TCWIN
  • Encapsulation: SMD
  • Specification: 3535
  • Product power: 0.2W
  • Working current: 30ma
  • Glowing color: Purple Light
  • Product Size: 3.5*3.5*1.4
  • product name: 3535UVC
  • Application field: Sterilization, personal home protection sterilization, convenient sterilization products, sterilizat
  • Product Features: High luminous efficiency, good transmittance, accurate waveband, materials are anti-UV material, stable quality.
  • Operating Voltage: 5V-8V
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Ceramics 3535UVC+A LED lamp beads Dimensional Drawing


Customer Notice

Professional Internal IC LED Solution

Product Dehumidification

Due to the absorption of moisture by SMD products, water vapor will evaporate and expand during high-temperature welding, which can easily cause the chip and the gold wire connecting the holder to be pulled off. Therefore, customers should use 65-70 degrees to bake for more than 12 hours before use. After opening, the package should be welded in a short time and cannot exceed 24 hours. If it exceeds 24 hours, it needs to be dehumidified again. (Rolled baking: 65-75 degrees/10-15H Loose baking: 130-150 degrees/2-3 hours)

SMT Patch

When customers SMT patch, they should try to choose a suction cup larger than the light-emitting surface of SMD (gel), to prevent the damage to the internal gold wire of the LED caused by improper setting of the suction cup height. The suction cup height during SMT will also affect the quality of the LED, because the suction cup is too deep. Pressing the LED gel will cause the internal gold wire to deform or break, causing the fire bead to not light up or flicker, and quality problems. Selecting a suitable suction cup is the key to providing product process quality.

Hand soldering

It is recommended to use a constant temperature soldering iron and select a solder wire <0.5mm. The temperature should be controlled within 300 degrees. The welding time of a single LED should not exceed 3 seconds. During welding, the gel is in a high-temperature state. Do not press the surface of the gel, do not apply pressure to the LED pins, let the solder wire melt naturally and combine with the pins. Be careful not to use hard objects and objects with sharp edges to scrape, wipe, or press the surface of the gel, which can easily cause the internal gold wire to deform. Cause dead lights (batch production cannot be hand-soldered, because the quality of hand-soldered is not stable)

Reflow welding

During batch production, SMT patch production is required. It is recommended to use solder paste with a melting point below 220 degrees. It is best to use a reflow solder with eight temperature zones. The high temperature should not exceed 240 degrees and the peak time should be less than 10S. The reflow solder should be completed once. The LED cannot be reflow soldered more than twice. Multiple reflow soldering is destructive to the product. The LED should not be repaired after reflow soldering. When repair is inevitable, it must be operated by a heating plate or a skilled welder, but it must be confirmed in advance whether this method will or will not damage the LED itself.

Anti-static measures

During use, the machines that come into contact with the product need to be grounded with wires. The workbench should use a conductive table pad through a resistor to ground. The soldering iron on the workbench must be grounded. The operator must wear an anti-static ring, anti-static clothing, etc., and it is recommended to use a ion generator.

Product inspection

Please check the incoming materials carefully for the products shipped by our company. If there is any problem, please feedback in time. Before mass production, please first trial production in small batches to make sure there is no problem before mass production. The first picking should not exceed 10% of the total batch.

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Ceramics 3535UVC+A LED lamp beads

Ceramics 3535UVC+A LED lamp beads

Ceramics 3535UVC+A LED lamp beads